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A student body president and the brightest student in school. Appears in episode He shows his team concern and is self-sacrificing even when he placed himself at risk to be able to have the Turbo Rugger completed.

She is repulsed that the blood running through her is a mixture of human and demon, deciding to call herself a full-fledged demon and throw away her humanity for Yamimaru, resulting in his power-up and her armor.

However, Red Turbo managed to counter his attacks by slashing his cape, mortally wounded him and performed a GT Slash which inevitably killed him where he exploded violently as he uttered his final words in an illusion form cursing the Turborangers. He is a gymnast and almost behaves like a feral child.

The reason from this was that Zimba was originally a man who fought a powerful army to win the heart of a princess he loved. A race truck driven by Black Turbo.

He is the kind of person who is not in good graces with his teacher due to his low grades which is seen earlier. A grand tourer driven by Red Turbo. Turborangers use their Turbo Lasers to form a plasma ball to kill the opponent. He is jocular and chases girls.

Its front wheels turn parallel to the chassis when the Turbo GT is flying. He is very skilled in witchcraft making him a powerful sorcerer. Turborangers The five rangers are all high school students. It overheated in the finale and Zulten died in assaulting this base.

It was repaired in episode Daichi is a reliable sub-leader who will always be for support of his teammates. Dazai, believing he plays a part in corrupting the five. Dazai get the parts to complete the Turbo Rugger.

A cold-hearten magician whose face becomes serpentine whenever angered, motivated to attack humans out of envy and spite while using a whip as her weapon in battle. She lives in a small, reconstructed doll house made for her by Dr. It transforms from the base mode to robot mode when the command "Build Up!

The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Ward Radcliffe

It is stored to the right of the Turbo Wagon. She befriends Saint Beast Rakia. A weapon later added and used to defeat more powerful Bouma, but was not used on any of the troopers.

Yamimaru saw the opportunity to use him and he was enlarged which he defeated the Turbo Robo. Personal vehicle of Red Turbo, a buggy. A sport utility vehicle driven by Blue Turbo. In the end, she does not tell her sister about Turborangers and let her find out about it herself.

In the finale, she manages to save Yamimaru and left to live a peaceful life with him, as Sayoko and Hikaru. He defeated Jarmin in battle after helping Dr.Wounded Warrior Project is a charitable organization that helps veterans and active duty service members.

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Wounded warrior project bracelet
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