The theme of trials and tribulations and success in the movie my brilliant career

My Brilliant Career is one such story that imparts truth through the moral conflicts, confrontations, and choices made by the main character Sybylla—and provokes a powerful emotional response.

Along the way, readers are shown a wide variety of Australian social types and learn much about farming and stock raising during a drought. Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin, which she shortened to the male-sounding name Miles Franklin, wrote the novel when she was herself sixteen, and the work has all the passion and verve of late adolescence, along with some youthful faults as well.

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Whether the film chosen is classic or new, it is determined to have some kind of lasting value for movie-goers. The individual women artists who have made this film possible are to be congratulated for creating a work of art that will continue to cause women—and men—to question the morality of a patriarchy that presses women into the service of men.

In yet another scene, Armstrong sets Harry and Sybylla on opposite sides of a fence, showing their division of attitude and thought. Humanist criticism is not written as a guide for readers to use in choosing to attend a specific film. Drought means that "the cruel dazzling brilliance of the metal sky" oppresses her capacity to realise her inner brilliance.

Marilyn Frye in The Politics of Reality, asks readers to consider a birdcage in reference to the oppression of women. How do the elements of sight and sound project the feeling the film conveys. Often deeper meanings are held within the dialogue and narrative and beg to be investigated.

While My Brilliant Career is a portrait of a young girl growing into womanhood and defying the unreasonable requirements of class respectability, it is also a vehicle for feminist cause and necessary change for the future of women.

By focusing on the romantic and life adventures of its sixteen-year-old heroine, Sybylla Melvyn, the novel shows how grindingly oppressive life was on this recent frontier in the Southern Hemisphere, and how doubly oppressive it was for women.

The Humanist Approach to Film: My Brilliant Career

Why does anyone write? The student of the humanist approach seeks to learn what film can tell about the human condition by searching for the answers to several questions asked of other art forms.

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Sybylla is warned that her willfulness will get her into trouble…but she is not afraid. Looking for representations in film of general human values, the humanist searches for the truth of human experience through the most basic aspects of life—aspects that everyone experiences at some time. The novel moves from this desperate life to the idyllic days Sybylla spends with her grandmother at Caddagat, then returns to grim though sometimes darkly comic pictures of life on a sheep station, and once again moves to a dairy farm.

The humanist approach acknowledges film as an art just like other arts such as painting music, and literature.

These symbols of control and containment guide the film-goer through the entire story. Surrounded as Sybylla is by the class conscious expectations of societal traditions, she refuses to conform.

Franklin shines an intense light not only into the deep recesses of a bright young mind but on the dark corners of inequality caused by "the rope of class distinction".

Moral conflicts, confrontations, and choices made by characters often teach truths about life.

My Brilliant Career

Her journey to fulfilling her dream of becoming a writer finds its conclusion as she steps beyond the garden gate, places her book in the mailbox, and leans against the fence that might have kept her from her goal. There quickly follows a shot of Sybylla walking along the fences that border the sheep pens—the message clearly indicating that women have little more rights than the lowly sheep.

She receives very little formal education, and only her love of reading and the arts makes her different from the other bush inhabitants, whose reading runs to farm price reports. Armstrong does not minimize the difficulties women must face in making choices to reject the status quo.

It urges us to keep faith in ourselves, to realize that we can reach out to take control of our lives, to understand that we may refuse to be molded into submission by a patriarchal society. First published inthe novel was withdrawn due to "unwelcome notoriety" when it was critiqued as direct autobiography, but since it has never been out of print, and in was made into a film.

Traditional Aesthetic Responses to the Movies.

My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin – review

Throughout the film, Armstrong employs unique and symbolic pictorial views of these boundaries and barriers through the use of fences, cages, and class conscious societal traditions such as table, parlor, and conversational manners required of respectable people.

What sort of symbols are used to convey these ideas? Davis—perhaps just a particle too pretty for a young woman described by her mother as useless, plain, and Godless—indeed gives a stunning performance as Sybylla. The dairy-farming episodes take place in Possum Gully, a flat, arid area quite unlike the What gives meaning to life?

Fences are built as control measures, either to keep someone or something contained or to keep someone out of a contained area.Miles Franklin’s My Brilliant Career, the story of Sybylla Melvyn, an intense, passionate young woman growing up in the nineteenth century Australian Outback, is a phenomenal achievement for.

The Humanist Approach to Film: My Brilliant Career. By Coralie · 3 Comments. the humanist approach to film attempts to make sense of the individual’s emotional and intellectual experience of a film to draw conclusions about the value of that experience, and then to communicate that value to others” (Bywater ).

The theme of. A Form to Story. You've reached the "hub" for any and all Dramatica analysis of My Brilliant addition to the Storyform, you'll also find any additional analysis or media related to the story in question.

More Analysis. The famed pantheon of Ancient Greece, the bloodline of Zeus, has seen and caused more heartbreak and bloodshed than the world has known.

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Explore the lives of the gods as they face trials, tribulations, and obstacles interfering with their divine activities. Trials And Tribulations Quotes Quotes tagged as "trials-and-tribulations" (showing of 77) “At such times, the heart of man turns instictively towards his Maker.

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The theme of trials and tribulations and success in the movie my brilliant career
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