Releasing your potential by dr myles munroe essay

The just live—operate—by faith Rom. The true measure of fulfilled potential is not what is accomplished, but who receives benefit from the accomplishment.

Releasing Your Potential: Exposing the Hidden You

We also possess an eternal spirit just like our Source. Learn to hear God speak, encounter the Holy Spirit, and soak in His presence. Whatever that purpose is, you possess the potential to fulfill it.

Good hard work does. Many authors who talk about releasing potential take God out of the equation. The same is true for you. God created you and gave you life for a purpose. God created the heavens and the earth to operate on this principle: The wealthiest spot on this planet is not the oil fields of Saudi Arabia or the gold mines of South Africa.

A personal relationship with our Creator is a key to the releasing of our full potential. Every manufacturer establishes laws of limitations. In the manual, the manufacturer will caution against violation of that specified environment for maximum performance. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox!

You must understand your resources. Violation of these requirements will result in the malfunction, distortion, misuse and abuse of your precious potential.

Buried beneath the soil of those sacred grounds are songs that never were sung, books that never were written, paintings that never filled a canvas, ideas that never became reality. Most men and women never realize their full potential because they do not understand the keys to a fulfilled, effective life.

But you must decide if you will deprive the world or bless it with the valuable, potent, untapped resources locked away within you. Let us go to the grave as Jesus did on the cross and say as He said, "It is finished. You must share your potential. You and I were created to function by faith and love.

The richest deposits on our planet lie not many blocks from your house—in your local cemetery. God designed human beings to function as He does.

Only a small percentage of the 5 billion people on this planet will achieve a significant portion of their true potential. Remember, the great law is love. Potential is not what you have done, but what you can do. This is also true of human potential. Dr Myles made me aware that it is important to empower yourself in the right way, because ideas have consequences While there are many sources of power in the information age we live inDr Myles encourages the believer to know the source behind your resources as the source is a critical determinant in releasing your potential.

Violating these laws limits the release of your potential. These are the fuels on which we run. Work is a major key to releasing your potential. The strength, durability and nature of the table can only be as strong and durable as the tree.

If you had a wooden table in your house, for example, you would be aware that the table is made of wood from a tree.

God has given each of us potential, but it will require work on our part to release this potential. Our potential cannot be released without faith and love. Therefore, the potential of the table is determined by the potential of the source from which it came.

Claiming a promise does not make it happen. Get the Anointing Bundle plus 2 Free Gifts. Here are 10 ways to unbind your potential.Dedication To my daughter and son, Charisa and Chairo (Myles Jr.), may your potential be maximized in your generation.

To my parents, Matt and Louise, and all my ten brothers and sisters. Jun 15,  · Activate, stimulate, and release the wealth of your potential! Break free and leap over the limitations of past opinions, failures, and disappointments!

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Please try again later. “Releasing your Potential” was written by a bestselling author Dr. Myles Munroe.

He is a lecturer, teacher, coach, and leadership mentor and also a multi-gifted international motivational speaker and business consultant. The key to releasing your true potential is the restoration of God's original environment.

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Jesus came to restore us to the Father. Myles Munroe | Potential. Charisma Magazine Newsletter.

Releasing your potential by dr myles munroe essay
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