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Impressed with Liams knowledge and belief in his product, Liams bank manager and a number of private investors were happy to provide the necessary finance. Teachers should rephrase the questions using a different verb. Students often jump in without reading the full question.

Students must give relevant examples, diagrams, graphs to satisfy the requirement of the outcome verb Illustrate. The people in RES Ltd are some of the most talented and committed in the green energy industry.

Explain your answer fully. These difficulties could be overcome by encouraging students a To write a heading evaluation in the answer.

The principle purpose is to try and eliminate the weaknesses in answering as found by correctors in state examinations. Students must be conscious of the Outcome Verb used.

A trade union meeting has been organised to discuss staff concerns and agree a response to the pay cut proposed by Liam. He believes that the governments new Building Energy Rating BER regulations, combined with the increasing demand for more cost effective and environmentally friendly heating systems, will provide opportunities for his business.

Leaving Certificate Business

Liam is confident that the demand for green energy sources in Ireland will increase again. New C Discuss strategies that Liam could use to successfully manage the change process in the business. Costs are rising and the business is finding it more difficult to pass on price increases to customers.

Cash flow is tight and Liam is particularly concerned by the fact that two of his largest customers have not paid their bills on time. The staff contacted their trade union to express their concerns about the proposed pay cuts.

Amendment to text of ABQ new paragraph four However, Liam knows that to ensure the business survival, changes will have to be made. To avoid the introduction of compulsory redundancies, Liam explains in his e-mail that it will be necessary to implement a 10 pay cut, with immediate effect for all workers.

As the construction of new houses has fallen, there has been a steady decline in the sales of solar panels. Thereby maximise their performance. The business imports, supplies and installs energy efficient solar panels that are used to heat homes and businesses.

Lack of neatness in, and unclear layout of, answer books Failure to expand on points made 20 1. It is very important to read the question carefully particularly looking for outcome verbs such as Illustrate and Evaluate. While attending a Trade Fair in Germany on behalf of his previous employer, Liam identified a niche in the market for an Irish supplier of solar panels.

With twenty years experience in the heating and plumbing supplies business and with no opportunity for promotion, he decided to start his own business. Teachers could emphasis the outcome verbs by underlining them in house exams. In addition, the company is finding it difficult to raise short term finance due to the current credit squeeze.

Evaluate is an outcome verb that students find most difficult.Leaving Cert Business Syllabus AN ROINN OIDEACHAIS Management activities Management activities: o Planning - theory, principles and types o Organising - structure of organisation; formal and informal; staffing, span of control, and project teams Developing a business plan Expansion.

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Leaving cert business plan 5th & 6th year (global business) 1. Leaving Certificate Business Plan 5th Year Term Time Topic& Learning Outcomes Literacy August Week 1 Unit 1 People and their relationship in Business Consumers, entrepreneurs and investors, Producers, suppliers and services.

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This page will list Revision Notes for each chapter on the Leaving Certificate Business course. All material on this page has been provided by Mr.

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Naughton. Management Activities. Unit 4. Chapter 9 – HR Management. Chapter 10 – 21st Century – Powerpoint The Business Notes on this page were uploaded by Tom Naughton (Business.

Management Activities: Planning, Organising, and Controlling In this section, students will look at the Management Activities of Planning, Organising, and Controlling. In Planning, we will examine the different types of Plans available to a business and evaluate the importance of having these plans in place.

Future Careers with Leaving Certificate Business Leaving Cert Business is not an essential requirement for any courses in the CAO system. Possible careers include Management, Entrepreneur, Accountancy, Finance.

Management activities leaving cert business plan
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