Kuplex safety hook

However; you should never move an A-frame gantry while it is under load, nor should loads be swung.

Crosby Kuplex®

Electric wire rope hoists C. Whether you need more information or a quote for the crane gantry products and services on our site, we are here to help.

Crosby Kuplex® KHLN Safety Latch

We also allow the inclusion of optional extras include isolator switch and festoon systems, giving you extra peace of mind that lifting using our gantries remains safe in all situations.

They provide a non-permanent, cost effective and efficient means to lifting heavy loads. This kind of portability is especially advantageous for crane gantry systems that you want to be as portable as possible, so visiting different work sites is straightforward with our models.

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Building Maintenance equipment BMU 7. With a fixed gantry cranethe supports holding the crane up are fixed in location. We manufacture our a-frames here on site and can tailor them to suit your needs, we can supply lightweight workshop models up to heavy duty cranes.

Founded inHwe Wang has been mainly promoting material handling hoists and lifting chains in Taiwan supplied by the Columbus McKinnon Corp. We do not hire out our gantry systems, they are made to order. Configuring an A Frame Crane Gantry A-frames are used by positioning the frame above the load to be lifted; the load is then attached to the desired lifting appliance fitted to the horizontal beam.

The beam can be fitted with many appliances such as; electric hoistsbeam clampstrolleys etc. Besides Kuplex safety hook to become the agent of various suppliers, we target CSBC, the leading shipbuilder in Taiwan, as a major client, our Major customers are steel Mill ,Automation industryChemical industry, transportation.

Used Steel-makingBar mill equipment. For this reason, everything that the crane is going to lift must be brought to the crane. Whilst planning a lift, it is important to take into account the properties of your A-frame gantry; for example, the height and length, the lifting capacity, bracing type, beam clamp or trolley to be used and the type of brake — wheel brake or parking jacks.

If you need to lift heavy loads, often in different work areas, or do not wish to permanently change your working area with a fixed overhead crane then an A-frame could be what you need.

Crane Gantry Safety Inspections As well as carrying out your own checks prior to each use, all lifting gantries are subjected to a yearly or sooner inspection by a qualified person to ensure all safety standards are met and it is safe to use; this service can be carried out by one of our own skilled engineers at Lifting Gear Direct.

Our A-frames come complete with heavy duty castors, 2 of which are braked as standard; this provides easy manoeuvring and positioning wherever you may require it.

We construct high quality crane gantry equipment that complies with all industry standards for safety, while being cost-effective and impactful so that our clients know they are getting a good deal.

Material Handling equipment 6. The main products are lifting and material handling equipmentall the equipment are more secureconvenientsave time and effortfor examplelifting magnetsvacuum lifterscrane brakes all of it can save labor cost and increased production.

All of which we can supply. Positive market response has also motivated us to further introduce many other related products from around the world, as well as relevant American industry products to local users to help them make informed decisions, raise safety standards, and work efficiency.

Un-level ground may cause the gantry to become unstable and tip over. The lifting of heavy loads does not necessitate the installation of expensive equipment nor permanently altering your work space; one of our A-frame mobile gantry systems will do the job efficiently and economically.

We offer a truly bespoke service, giving you complete control over your order and ensuring you get the equipment you really need.

Lifting Chain Sling Assemblies, Grade 8 / 80 - Chain Diameters 7mm to 32mm. WLL 1500kg to 67,000kg

From the outset, it is important to note that lifting gantries are not intended to be moved whilst under load; they are only portable to allow them to be moved to where the loads needs lifting, and so it can be placed directly over the object. They cannot move, and therefore the crane cannot move.

Due to lack of man powerwages riseto purchase automatic ,reliabledurable equipment is considerable. The portable design allows it to be moved from one location to another easily and quickly.Acco K Alloy Steel Kuplex II Kupler Chain Assembly, 1/2" Chain Size, lbs Capacity, for lieu of the popular Kuplex.

Crosby's full product listing and catalog pages for Crosby Kuplex products - including connectors, hooks, latches, links, and more. Kuplex fittings and chain system available online from Tecni-Lift. Depots. Highland Industrial Supplies operate from our Headquarters in the City of Inverness and a number of strategic provincial locations throughout Scotland.

Deliveries are made daily and we can deliver to your site by arrangement. Lifting Chain Sling assemblies, Grade 8. - Chain Diameters 7mm to 32mm. WLL kg to 67,kg - Assemble a standard chain sling to your lifting specifications (number of legs, SWL, hooks, chain length etc.).

Chain Sling Do's and Don'ts Do's. Do check the condition of the slings before each load. Do check the chain legs are not twisted.

Do check that the load is on the centre of the hook and not on the tip.

Kuplex safety hook
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