Extremism and talibinazation

However, there are some black sheep among them who are working against the interest of state, government needs to regulate the Madarisas and devise a curriculum for Madarisas which also include modern education along with the religious education; government also needs to invest in Madarisas to improve their condition.

Therefore army operation must be completed in minimum possible time with minimum possible civilian causalities. A blend of illiteracy to poverty further aggravates the situation, people who do not have knowledge and education, formulate their belief system on the basis of prejudices and become infected with ethnocentrism a tendency in which people believe their own culture and religion to be most superior all over the world.

Extremism This manuscript is a. This situation has highlighted our institutional incapability to control the deployment of militants in key locations.


Efforts have been made by various quarters Extremism and talibinazation the society to eradicate extremist mentality from society, but this extremist psyche is increasing and getting hold, behind the success of this phenomenon there are various reasons. Islamization of the Gaza Strip Following the takeover of the Gaza Strip in JuneHamas has attempted to implement Islamic law in the Gaza Strip, mainly at schools, institutions and courts by imposing the Islamic dress or hijab on women.

Democracy was the most successful political idea of the 20th century. It should formulate policies to remove the social and economic disparities.

The unemployed young men, having prejudicious attitude, hatred of political system, much deeper hatred against America, in their pursuance to change the system, become easy target of mercenaries. However, in the long run this approach is not result oriented, because the government operation is indiscriminately killing the innocent and culprit both.

Extremism [Maryam Rajavi] on Amazon. This scenario is source of a great threat to internal stability of Pakistan, as the security of the state institutions as well as the general public is at stake. The military operation started by current government to curb the extremists and Taliban in Sawat and Agency areas is a brave step, but it has both positive and negative connotations.

Frequent terrorist attacks are the result of this situation; Pakistan is one of such countries in the world where most of the terrorist attacks happen. Category Blog Muslims have become more concerned about extremism in the name of Islam around the world. These agencies have also unchecked the increased concentration of arms and ammunitions in certain areas of the country.

Academic writing is conducted in several sets of forms and genres, normally in an impersonal and dispassionate tone, targeted for a critical and informed audience. Modus operandi of extremism is the expression of a fanatic behavior by individuals and groups, who are not able to convey their will in the society, through prevalent social mechanism.

The main characteristics of religious extremism are: We have to take the issue of extremism serious and devise concrete measures for its eradication or else our society will be in the state of anarchy and civil war. I youth violence essay persuasive recently had the opportunity to speak with a former writer for a prestigious essay Hypothesis test p value writing service and ….

It has been breaching experiment essay variously. In the current distressed business scenario, government needs to invest in social sector to uplift the economic condition of people; special focus is needed in war trodden areas.

Extremism can by of different types, it can be ethnic, linguistic, narrow nationalism but the most severe kind of extremism faced by our society is religious extremism.

The assumption is that the more dedicated one becomes to his religion in. In addition, some members of the left in the United States may use it as a criticism of the Republican Party and the Christian Right in their allegations of the radical right wing implementing policies based on Fundamentalist Christianity.

Extremism has existed to some extent in our society; however its impact on the society was not that much worrisome. Madarisas are providing a very essential service to the nation by providing the religious, boarding and lodging facility to children of poor families.• Reasons of success of Extremism & Talibinazation in Pakistan o Hopelessness and suppression in the Muslim world.

o Inability of the political system to deliver. o People losing faith in current form of democracy prevalent in Pakistan.


o Deficiency of social justice. o Poverty o Illiteracy and un-education o Different education systems. Feb 08,  · Extremism is a critical problem faced by Pakistani society today, leading to social, economic, cultural, political turmoil and humanitarian crises, it has nurtured due to internal and external factors, internal being the prevalence of social injustice, inequality, illiteracy and exploitation in the society and external factors being the involvement of.

The political privileges of Malik. the possibility of Talibanization in Pakistan is the lowest. thus Islamabad’s efforts to check extremism and prevent the infiltration of anti-regime insurgents are accurately described as inconsistent.

training. Talibanization (or Talibanisation) is a term coined following the rise of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan referring to the process where other religious groups or movements come to follow or imitate the strict practices of the Taliban. “Talibinazation” of Nigeria (Marshall).

This approach stresses the divisive potential of Huntington’s clash of civilizations thesis and is also a product of the West’s increased sensitivity to Islamic extremism in the wake of terrorist attacks on 9/11 (). This approach ignores the perspectives of everyday citizens and.

• Reasons of success of Extremism & Talibinazation in Pakistan o Hopelessness and suppression in the Muslim world. o Inability of the political system to deliver.

o People losing faith in current form of democracy prevalent in Pakistan.

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Extremism and talibinazation
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