Explain the importance of the quality of code

One such rule would recommend that class names start with a capital letter while variable names start with a lowercase letter. Some of the importance or benefits of quality control are: Above is a screenshot of a section in my code in green are the comments.

Code to the highest level of specificity. This was making the code harder to read and has forced project managers to introduce written rules.

12 Importance or Benefits of Quality Control | Production Management

Do not give a name that contains digits — this is an indication for bad naming. Code quality is not just a set of rules, which must be adhered to; it is rather a way of thinking.

List the heart disease and hypertension on the claim form because the guidelines instruct us to "Code all documented conditions which coexist at the time of the visit that require or affect patient care or treatment. Software failure has caused more than inconvenience.

Chapter 2 High-Quality Programming Code

Definitions[ edit ] There are many different definitions of quality. That is the reason why they write code that is hard to read, and for using features of the language which are unpopular or poorly documented.

Organisations producing quality products have effective advertisement. A programmer can make the use of a program much simpler by designing and creating a virtual interface; thus allowing the user to interact with the program.

Also, it is important that programmers be able to understand the code quickly so that they can start contributing with bug fixes and enhancements in a short amount of time. For that to be possible, the piece of code should have very clear boundaries, which are in-tact with the big picture.

The other has to do with what we think, feel or sense as a result of the objective reality. The causes have ranged from poorly designed user interfaces to direct programming errors. This way the brain of each of the members is burdened with less stuff to think about.

Similarly, well formed code also depends on following the rules accurately. Well written language depends on the observance of these rules.

Most effective utilisation of resources: Following the rules means that most browsers will understand the code correctly, reaching a wider audience. The one and only human language, which all programmers should know, is English.

Managing Complexity The management of complexity plays a central role when writing software. Cleanliness Clean code is easy to read with minimum effort.

A definite loop repeats only tow.

Why is good quality code important?

In both cases, engineers and management need to be able to make rational decisions based on measurement and fact-based analysis in adherence to the precept "In God we trust. One price of standard products becomes prevalent in the market. If the problem is about finding a path in a labyrinth, name it PathInLabyrinth.

An example of a programming error that led to multiple deaths is discussed in Dr. Good practices should be applied at all levels — classes, methods, member variables, naming, operators, error handling, formatting, comments, etc.Explain the importance of the quality of code and Discuss the factors that can improve the readability of code George Warner, Software development M1 D1 Comments Naming Naming variables on code is very important and can improve the readability on the code.

Naming needs to be consistent; it will help other programmers to be able to carry on. Explain the importance of quality code and explain how you have achieved quality code while programming in JavaScript? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 3 Answers.

Diagnosis Coding: Why It Is So Important

Albert Nemec, Javascript Developer. There is an application to explain a JavaScript code?

Explain the Importance of the Quality of Code.

Importance of the quality of code 1. Importance Of The Quality Of Code 2. Why Is Good Quality Code So Important?

Good quality code is an essential property of a software because it could lead to financial losses or waste of time needed for further maintenance, modification or adjustments if code quality is not good enough.

Software quality

3. Code to highest level of specificity Of course, medical groups must still comply with general diagnosis coding guidelines while doing this.

The guidelines say to use the diagnosis code that describes the patient's diagnosis, symptom, condition, or complaint.

Feb 08,  · Explain the importance of quality code and explain how you have achieved quality code while programming in JavaScript? What is the code quality at Quora like? What code base should I read to improve my code quality in c#? In other words, the checkpoint encourages people to use code that follows the official rules for that language.

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Explain the importance of the quality of code
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