End of the year writing activities for third grade

What a fun summer gift to send students off with. Students wrote a brief bio on about the teacher and then articles about tips to surviving sixth grade, favorite memories, sixth grade camp, etc. The end of the year is here! I try to spread this out over a whole day, gradually building up to the larger items such as our birthday chair, my hand painted stool, my own personal items, and finally, our class art project.

End of the Year Math Project When I started creating math projects, I realized how engaged my students were with every new one that I pulled out. It can be used in printable form as shown or with the task cards that are end of the year writing activities for third grade.

Framed Class Photo — If you can find inexpensive photo frames, then this idea is a cinch. Print and hide these color clue cards that will lead your class to their goodbye gifts or another activity.

This may be an idea to save for next year and work on saving pieces throughout the year just for this scrapbook. I figure there must be other people in my same boat-- searching endlessly for the perfect end of the year activity-- so I compiled a huge list of the best end of the year activities I have found and use.

Summer is a Ball — Give a beach ball to each student and attach this cute saying. It was a great cool off and quite a nice change for the last week of school. Source unknown End of the Year Hand Self Portrait I love incorporating art into the classroom, and the end of the year is truly the perfect time to do that.

Use our Word Search Maker! I hope you can find an idea or two! For an end of the year writing activity I filled a picnic basket with various summer items - beach towel, pail, sand molds, mask, swimsuit, apple, shells, juice bottle, toy dolphin, etc.

Then they illustrate their books. End of the School Year Student Gifts source: Each child has a numbered stick which I use to randomly raffle off the many items in our classroom. Make it special by writing a personal note on the back of each.

Many of these end of the school year gifts can be created inexpensively and there are free tags to go with many of them. I think whenever we plan out of the ordinary to hook our students, it is like giving a gift in itself.

He has amazing ideas, and this one is no exception. On each scoop they write something they learned from the school year. For more information on each activity, click the link directly below the picture. We do allow cheating for x, but the kids are good at the other letters.

Noreene noreene email-removed This is another great idea for a personal touch at the end of the school year. We finished activities in time to dry off or change clothes so that no one went home on the bus wet. All of the kids put their favorite writing pieces together in one book.

Simply print your entire class photo and wrap them in simple brown paper to give to each student. Use the "Fun Options" to scramble their names before they can find them - it is super simple and quick to make a fantastic word search!

Have a Ball this Summer — You can sign your name and attach it to a deflated beach ball. School Memories CD — Do you take a lot of photos throughout the year?

You can find beach balls at the dollar store or sometimes in bargain bins at the beginning of summer. Then they glue the scoops attaching them to the cone. The last week of school was into the 90 degree days this year and at the spur of the moment, we decided to have a Water Fun day.

You can create it with your students for free. Print the rules to simple games that kids can play during the summer on the back of your gift tag. Let students write about a memory from the school year and a background to go with it.FREE End of Year Worksheets.

• Summer Activities, End of Year, ESL Songs For Teaching English. It's a presentation created to review the whole material of an elementary course before students get to writing their final test. The presentation contains an interactive game "Jeopardy!" I think 5/5(3).

Third Grade End-of-School-Year Assessments. Upgrade to Pro and get unlimited access to thousands of worksheets, activities, workbooks, games, lesson plans, and more—all in one place.

Third Grade End-of-School-Year Assessments

Bring Your Writing to Life!. Third Grade Training Camp: End of the Year Review for 2nd Grade.

End of the Year Activities and Lesson Plans

May 17, I just put out camping inspired activities or had students work on activities to complete a task in their Third Grade Training Camp booklet.

To. End of the Year Activities Book includes 22 pages of activities (including autograph pages) and comes in black & white only so that the kids can color their own memory books and you can save on ink.

End of the Year Activities *Top Seller!* FIRST GRADE TEACHERS: Need something to celebrate the end of the year? Teachers Pay.

Classroom Projects The Classroom Classroom Ideas Third Grade Fourth Grade Grade 3 End Of Year Activities Classroom Management The Year. Fun and fresh End-of-the-Year activities, including a Re-Design the Classroom project, an. End of the year activities, writing prompts, ideas & crafts: Cute sunglasses for an sweet End of the Year Gift!.

May 19,  · ~~End of the Year Goodies~~ Labels: candy awards, end of year, summer writing. 7 comments: AMC Looking From Third to Fourth May 20, at PM. Thanks for the link to the sunglass template.

17 Simple End of the School Year Student Gifts and Writing Activities

I was planning on doing an activity like this and was thinking I would have to make my own template - thanks for saving me all Author: Third Grade Love.

End of the year writing activities for third grade
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