Celluon magic cube laser projection keyboard

The sturdiness of the magic cube is great, I liked the sleek look, which matched the clean Apple iPhone look, and you can choose the color to match your smartphone or tablet! The primary change is the relocation of punctuation keys.

This is where Epic is sorely lacking. For the space-conscious, it adds a mouse and keyboard while using only one USB slot to do so. The concept is reasonable enough, and Celluon has evidently put significant work into making the Cube at its current level. This is specially great if you work late.

Consistent connection is quite bothersome, unfortunately. We also spotted the possibility for incorrect entry due to individual key shapes. Layout and Typing Keyboard layouts vary across the world, with many people becoming totally familiar with only one layout. Sometimes you have to shake your head and marvel at what technology is capable of, and using your kitchen countertop as an iPad keyboard is one of those times.

Conclusion The Magic Cube is a strange peripheral, for on the surface it does a lot of things right. With iOS devices, the only prerequisite mentioned is iOS 4. It is an immensely confusing change to have made, and as far as we can see there is no reason for it to have been made either.

As we began to use the Magic Cube we noticed several drastic changes, which may be off-putting to users.

We checked around other outlets to confirm whether they had issues pairing other devices, but results were inconclusive as to a baseline for compatibility across the board.

Initial connection took around twenty or thirty seconds, and then the Magic Cube can be customized. Recently, we at Neowin were invited to take a look at one of the best embodiments of this thought process, with one of the smallest keyboards on the market.

Just remember to have a little patience and that over time your accuracy and the response of the Magic Cube its going to get better. Taking time during the setup process is worthwhile, for the Magic Cube is customizable to a degree most keyboards are not.

The Magic Cube simply cannot offer the same level of engagement as a normal keyboard, which transmits valuable feedback to a user. The layout of the keyboard is a little different from other keyboards, unless you use an square Apple keyboard already. When we tested the Magic Cube we saw a considerable decrease in typing speed from a conventional keyboard, even after giving a period for adjustment to the Cube.

Our initial assumption was that the Cube was acting up due to the large number of electrical appliances nearby, though this was ruled out when we moved it to different locations.

Perhaps future versions will offer infrared typing that works to perfection, and provides a legitimate alternative to the keyboards you already have. Prop the tiny 70 x 35 x 20 mm gizmo on a desk or other flat and opaque surface, near your PC or mobile device.

Celluon Magic Cube User Manual

While it is fun to tinker with the Magic Cube, it never feels as engaging as using a physical keyboard. This Magic Cube laser keyboard actually have helped my marriage, as my wife is always complaining of the clicking sounds of the normal keyboard!

Celluon Magic Cube Review

I bought the Celluon Magic Cube laser keyboard to use with my iPad tablet, but I also keep it handy for my Android phone, because I usually have trouble typing in the touchscreen with my big fingers. The actual box is made of transparent plastic, putting the Magic Cube at the forefront.

The concept works, but the reality does not. We tried the Magic Cube for a spot of Civilization V, and it is a prime example of a game that works well with the Magic Cube.

Updated Celluon virtual laser keyboard just 'clicks'

But a truly innovative product also needs to solve a problem, make things easier, or do something better than products before it did. Connection to devices running Android and iOS is possible via Bluetooth by pairing the two together.

Also, remember that because its a laser projection keyboard, you need to keep your fingers well above the keyboard, otherwise you are going to be pressing wrong keys all the time by blocking the path of the laser. For fast-paced shooters, such as Team Fortress 2, we found the Magic Cube to be totally unsuited.

When you turn the mouse mode you get a really nice projection of a standard touch-pad, it has a some advantages that it also incorporates this function as it allows you to be away from your device. The size of the keyboard also proves confusing, with the projected board being smaller than most conventional keyboards.

Celluon Laser Keyboard

You can even customize the sound of the keys typing, or put it on silent mode. This is an excellent way of disposing your rudimentary tools and looking cool in the process.I found the Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard as an awesome replacement for my old fashioned keyboard and mouse, it totally filled my expectations!

This is an excellent way of disposing your rudimentary. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard at killarney10mile.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our.

Review: Celluon Epic projection keyboard

Buy Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Full-Size Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard with fast shipping and top-rated customer service.

Newegg shopping upgraded ™2/5(1). This ultra-portable projector lets you create a big screen experience from the smallest of devices: anytime, anywhere. This keyboard is the Celluon Magic Cube, and it is arguably not a ‘real’ keyboard as such.

The actual keyboard exists only as a projection, from the aforementioned ‘Magic Cube’. The Magic Cube laser-projects a virtual, full-size, key keyboard onto just about any flat surface. But it doesn't work too well. I am writinjg this on the Magic Cube projection keyboa[[rd. I am 3/

Celluon magic cube laser projection keyboard
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