A review of the movie gettysburg

Then this over the top of it, distracting me greatly. Chamberlain Jeff Danielsan academic by profession, must guard a mutinous troop while also moving his own men into position. Epic adventure and sweeping historical scenes had accompaniment that sounded suspiciously like my uncle playing on his keyboard.

The performance of Richard Jordan as Lo Armistead must be singled out for praise - his anguish was very moving.

Movie Review of Gettysburg (1993)

Confederate General Robert E. Read The Killer Angels: Watch The Civil War: Those were the real trees in which the Confederate soldiers waited and prayed. The Opening Credits of Gettysburg A lot of effort was undertaken to match actors physically with those they portrayed.

His thirteen hour documentary series has been called THE masterpiece of the genre. After a brief lull, North and South steel themselves for the final and largest skirmish. The ground shook under them. The vistas are impressive, the pacing carefully measured, the acting firm.

There were some factual errors, which IMDb has listed. Apparently, when Randy Edelman was first offered the chance to write the soundtrack to this movie, he refused. People commonly refer to directions from the norht, from the west, etc.

The music is first rate - and definitely enhances the drama. There are so many interesting scenes, touching on many different aspects of life and war - from the nature of man and race to the paradox of a general loving his army yet having to sacrifice it.

It took much persuasion and a copy of The Killer Angels shoved under his nose to finally get him to say yes. Sign in to vote. Learn more about the Civil War than you ever knew.Gettysburg is a beautifully pieced together movie.

One of the finest parts of it is Martin Sheen's understated and low keyed portrayal of CSA General of the Army, Robert E. Lee.

While many great actors performances made this movie worth viewing, it truly rests on Sheen as having iced the proverbial cake. Gettysburg is the greatest Civil War film ever made and one of the best war movies, period.

It has everything that a great movie should include, from excellent acting to riveting action, from beautiful cinematography to a stirring musical score. Critic Reviews for Gettysburg All Critics (20) | Top Critics (6) | Fresh (16) | Rotten (4) | DVD (4) It's a movie that parades authenticity, but never settles on its own point of view%.

Review: Lavishly produced, lovingly detailed, incredibly pious, GETTYSBURG presents a few days of the Civil War during which occurred the biggest battle ever fought on US soil.

Yet the film is too. Oct 08,  · "Gettysburg" avoids all of those war movie cliches.

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This is a film, pure and simple, about the Battle of Gettysburg in the summer ofabout the strategies, calculations, mistakes and heroism that turned the tide of 3/5. Movie Review of Gettysburg () by JoHarrington Based on the book 'The Killer Angels' by Michael Shaara, 'Gettysburg' was filmed on location at the actual battleground.

A review of the movie gettysburg
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